Demo Reel 2018

First Video: 3D modeled scene of an apartment interior made in Blender Animation Software containing high poly meshes made with texture maps, nodes, particle systems, and multiple light sources. Full video here:
Second Video: Demo of a program made using Javascript and WebGL to generate cylinders. The cylinders respond to point light and directional lighting and the user can toggle between orthographic and perspective mode, display the surface normals and smooth or flat shading, rotate, scale, and translate the cylinder as a picked object, and change the amount of specular lighting.
Third Video: A clip from a short animation made in Photoshop and After Effects using rotoscoping and hand-drawn animation. Full video here:
Fourth Video: A clip from a kinetic text animation created in After Effects. The drawings were made in Photoshop. The text comes from Birdy’s The District Sleeps Alone Tonight. Full video here:

Duration: 141

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