Demo Reel 2011 – Technical Artist

Real-time Rendering and Simulation
I created rendering and simulation engine from scratch using javascript and web browser.
To synchronize multiple simulations across multiple machines, I migrated the first step of the simulation on a server and established simulation streaming using WebSocket protocols.

Lighting and Color Study
I wrote a GLSL lighting system with support for directional, point and ambient light.
Created a HTML GUI for the purpose of lighting and color study.

Shading and Effects
I wrote several GLSL shaders with skinning, procedural animation, lighting, texturing, transparency and fog. Volumetric shadow faked with camera.light-facing sprites.
Textures painted with Autodesk Mudbox

Procedural Modeling
Created several procedural modeling networks in Houdini.
Wrote a Houdini-to-WebGL geometry exporter using Python.

Web-based 3D Asset Viewer
For the purpose of project at Google Creative Lab, I created an interactive viewport for the showcase of digital assets created by Mirada VFX company. All features of the viewer are written from scratch using open source Three.js javascript library.
List of features:
1. Dynamically loading/unloading models from a web server.
2. Lighting and animation controls.
3. Rendering to texture.
4. Post effects such as depth of field and screen-space ambient occlusion.
5. Awesome HTML5 interface made with customized dat.gui library.

Biokinetic Interface
Used an OpenNI C++ library and modified one of the existing body tracking examples to send user’s skeleton data from Kinect depth sensor to a web server over a TCP connection. On the server-side, I forwarded the data to a web client using WebSockets protocols.
Used skeleton data to articulate and propel physics-based camera rig in a browser.

Selected old Work
Energy Plant – still image (Maya, Photoshop)
Fractal Broccoli – still image
(prman and text editor)
Paper Shutter – visual effects (Maya)

Reel Breakdown:


Duration: 147

Likes: 151