DAY 017 – Give Peace a Chance

For some reason, audio production looks like child’s play compared to the vast palette of possibility video production seems to be presenting itself with. I wanted to work a little more with Photoshop and Illustrator in relation to importing into After Effects, and today is the project I ended up with. Although it looks completely different than what I’ve been working on, it truly is a testament to how vastly different of a tool After Effects can be at any given moment in time.

I wanted to continue working on making 2D images into 3D. So, I went to Illustrator to make some paper cutouts (something I’m eternally fascinated with, especially since seeing it as nicely done as it is in “Little Big Planet”). I then discovered “Presets” in Bridge from a Lynda dot com tutorial for my text. Once again, presets and plugins that come with After Effects (as well as the Trapcode Form again) make me look as though I know far more than I do in relation to this software.

I needed a break, and this was the perfect break to take. I started working with a camera rig I made from a tutorial by someone named maltaannon. It makes a lot of sense to me, although I’m very into the “Single Node” camera option that prevents me from always having to choose both “Position” and “Point of Interest” parameters whenever I want to move a camera through a scene.

Today’s tutoring session with Jahil covered an extremely efficient method of creating 3D scenes from the flat layers extracted from 2D images. I’ve got it painstakingly documented, and plan to post that here shortly, perhaps even tomorrow. His technique for converting 2D to 3D images in After Effects makes the other tutorials I was following seem very convoluted in comparison. He didn’t rely on CameraMapper, although I’m still very into the plugin and plan to work with it as soon as I get a few spare moments. Although the image sequence we just worked on is an actual part of an actual sequence in the documentary, I needed some peace and this project was just the ticket!

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