Data Storytelling Using Excel

Data Storytelling Using Excel

Exercise Files:

This community event will be based on Learnit’s new full-length workshop on Data Analysis with Excel.

We will use the following steps to guide our demonstration and discussion on how to tell a story with data using Excel:

Identifying your message and the story you want to tell: Is it Informative, Comparing, Trending, or Percentage?

Identify your audience: Who are you presenting to/telling the story to, and what do they need to know?

Identify your data: What data do you need to tell your story, where is it coming from (Excel, SQL, etc), and how you are going to get it?

Reflect: Does your data need to be modeled/manipulated so that you can work with it and tell you story?

What you can expect to gain from this session: You will learn a clear and simple process to effectively tell a story with your data. The instructor will use Excel and PowerBI to demonstrate how you can manipulate your data to tell a meaningful story.

Who this session is for: Anyone interested in learning to use data to compel, persuade, make a business use case, and tell a meaningful story. Having some knowledge of Excel, PowerBI and SQL are a plus.

Duration: 00:51:38