Cyber Monday Surfer Walkthrough: Content Editor 2.0 Tutorial + Content Planner Premiere

This Cyber Monday, we’ve got an extra special Surfer Walkthrough for all of you.

We will shop you all the brand new stuff in Surfer, so you can explore the ins and outs and get the most out of the toolset.

In the first part, Michał Suski will present Content Editor 2.0 and all of its functions to help you take your content creation process to the next level.

And then, we’ll welcome the brand new addition to the Surfer toolset that’s so BOMB we’re dying to share: Content Planner!!! 🔥

Michał will show you how to use this simple new tool to power your content strategy for MONTHS to come and create clusters that will do wonders for your website’s authority.

Duration: 01:20:28