Cyan Blue Leaf Color Grading Effect Photoshop Tutorial 2020

How To Edit Cyan Blue Leaf Color Grading Effect 2020

Today I’m gonna show you How to create Cyan Blue Leaf Color Grading Effect.This photo editing Cyan blue leaf color grading effect from Ariyan Badsah 24.Cyan blue leaf color portrait editing in Photoshop photo effect tutorial work has been done Adobe Photoshop CC 2019.I hope you like it Photoshop photo editing tutorial.if you want to make your photo Blue leaf colour you must follow this step Go to Image Mode Lab Color
Select Don’t Flatten Option
Select Channels in the Layer
Select “A” and then press Ctrl+A to Select All
after that Copy by pressing Ctrl+C
Select “B” and then Paste it by pressing “Ctrl+V”
Select Lab
Deselect by pressing Ctrl+D
Go to Image Mode RGB Color
Don’t Flatten
you can Add Adjustment Layer.

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