Customize Lettering in Adobe Fresco and Photoshop with Alanna Flowers

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Create unique motivational poster designs by designing custom lettering with graphic designer Alanna Flowers. Learn how to separate out your layers from an Adobe stock photo and import those layers into Adobe Fresco. Then design expressive lettering for a motivational short phrase using the layers from the stock photo.

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Guest Alanna Flowers is a graphic designer & lettering artist behind AGF Design Studio based in Brooklyn, NY: |

Host Justine Mangum from Winnie Weston is an Illustrator based in Alexandria, VA:

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00:00 Start
02:15 Alanna’s intro
03:56 Photoshop on the iPad
10:05 Making selections – content aware fill to separate layers
13:20 Alanna’s history with Photoshop
14:40 Moving into Adobe Fresco – hand lettering setup process
19:16 Roughing out the letters
19:59 How Alanna determines her lettering styles
24:48 Focusing on legibility with letter placement
33:26 More precise blocking – adding guides
38:42 Following guides to place letters
41:07 Podcast favorites
43:55 Refining the letter shapes
49:22 Filling in letters to evaluate the letterforms
57:36 Editing letter placement w/ the lasso tool
1:01:25 Creating the linework on letterforms
1:05:21 Working on the Melon script
1:11:20 Adding flourishes
1:13:20 Marvel or DC?
1:15:13 Adding a color to the hand lettering
1:20:06 Connecting shadows
1:22:31 Wrap up

Duration: 01:26:51