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Hey everyone, welcome back again. Text animation is real fun, why not go further and add some liquid to it? This After Effects tutorial is showing you the way of adding some liquid elements to your text. This tutorial is also going to cover after effects tutorial, how to make liquid logo intro, motion graphics after effects, liquid logo after effects tutorial, logo animation in after effects, how to make logo animation in after effects, line animation in after effects, 2d flat logo intro in after effects, short logo intro in after effects, flat logo intro in after effects, logo intro after effects tutorial, text animation in after effects, liquid logo animation in after effects, liquid animation in after effects, create a liquid animation, logo reveal animation after effects, water logo after effects, liquid logo intro, liquid logo reveal, logo reveal animation, liquid logo animation template, liquid logo animation idea, liquid text after effects, text animation in after effects, after effects text animation, text animation after effects, smooth text animation in after effects, after effects text, smooth text animation, title animation after effects, after effects text effects, text presets after effects free, simple text animation in after effects, elegant text reveal after effects, text reveal in after effects, simple text animation, creative text animation, minimal text animation, text animation for beginners, after effects expressions, after effects expressions tutorial, after effects motion graphics and more. So get ready, and learn this fantastic text animation technique.

As always, this tutorial is Free, and we are not using any Third Party Plugin for creating this.

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