Custom Die-cut Package Design Mockup Using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Dimension

This video covers a few methods for achieving a custom die cut package design mockup using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Dimension.

In order of efficiency:

1:19 Method 1 – Render the die cut / window (pasta appearance) as part of the entire graphic decal placed on the 3D object in Adobe Dimension (Low-moderate quality)

5:56 Method 2 – Render the scene and object without the die cut; create the appearance of the die cut in Photoshop. (Best quality)

13:23 Method 3 – Create multiple (.obj) parts for the die cut (e.g. a separate window pane to place a decal (only way to place more than one decal) or to give a material effect)

#Photoshop #Dimension #Mockup

Duration: 00:26:37