Creating Three Dimensional Illustrations with Rik Oostenbroek – 1 of 2

Tune in with designer, illustrator and Z by HP Ambassador Rik Oostenbroek as he creates artwork in his signature three dimensional style using Photoshop and Illustrator on his new ZBook Create. In this two-part series, Rik will play with fonts, applying abstract forms and bright colors to create beautiful designs.

Guest Rik Oostenbroek is a designer, illustrator, and art director based in the Netherlands. Rik has worked for some of the biggest brands in the world, including Nike, Mazda, ESPN and Viacom:

Host Paul Trani is an Adobe Principal Worldwide Evangelist based in Colorado:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
3:00 Into to Rik’s Work
10:50 Intro to Today’s Stream Project
14:15 Testing Out Fonts
16:50 Editing the Shape of the Chosen Font
26:20 Realigning the Letters in the Font
30:15 Bringing the Project into Photoshop
32:10 Using Clipping Masks to Add Colored Shapes Typography
38:50 How Rik Chooses Colors
52:50 How to Edit the Layer Panel Thumbnail Bounds
55:50 Checking Out Rik’s Old Work
1:01:10 Adding Gradient to Colored Shapes
1:06:45 Getting Artwork Ready for Print
1:21:20 Hand Brushing Dimension on the Color Shapes
1:24:00 How to Add Highlights and Warp Gradients

Duration: 01:56:46