Creating Interactive Photographs with Gabriela Iancu – 2 of 2

Watch and learn with multidisciplinary artist and photographer Gabriela Iancu as she turns static images into an immersive experience. Over the next two days she’ll use Photoshop, After Effects, Dimension, and Adobe Aero to create two unique interactive pieces. Tune in to get your questions answered and bring your next photo to life!

Guest Gabriela Iancu is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer based in Atlanta, GA: |

Host Carrie Gotch is a Marketing and Community Manager at Adobe.

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:50 Recap of work so far and preview in Aero
05:17 Gabriela’s plan for today project
12:36 Connection reset – intermission
13:33 Base image for Aero and before and after comparison
19:21 Preparing assets for animation
22:17 Importing assets in Aero
25:01 Discussing the flexibility of working with Adobe products
27:10 Placing objects in 3D space
37:55 Continuing to add assets and build a scene in Aero
45:50 Using Actions and Triggers for a variety of experiences
50:54 Animating assets in Aero
55:08 Animating the cherry
57:12 Balancing the process between the Aero desktop app and mobile app
1:02:45 Making decisions as you would in a photography studio
1:05:58 Adding effects to the photo with After Effects
1:09:12 Differences between videography and a cinemagraph
1:12:50 Animating in After Effects – creating a lighting effect
1:18:02 Importing the Ae images into Aero
1:21:40 Matching the cup animation with the picture frame
1:27:17 Editing the animation timing of the animated cup
1:30:02 Artist Spotlight of Susi Vetter
1:36:40 Adding another cherry to the scene
1:39:21 Gabriela talks about experimenting with technology
1:41:31 Using Adobe Dimension and adding a water splash
1:44:51 Matching lighting between the photo and the 3d elements
1:48:55 Opening the scene on the mobile Aero app
1:52:55 Viewing the final product and demo of the AR scene

Duration: 01:57:26