Creating Brand Identities from Start to Finish with R.k. from Simmer Studios – 1 of 2

Creating a brand identity from beginning to end can seem like a daunting task! No need to fear, R.k. is here to help! Follow along with her in this two-part series as she creates a unique brand identity each day using Illustrator and Photoshop. Tune in to the live stream and watch her bring her brands to life through mood boards, logo design, color palettes, typography, and mockups!

Guest R.k. De la Rosa is the Creative Director at Simmer Studios based in Manila, Philippines:

Host Fabiola Lara is a Chilean-American illustrator, designer, and animator based in Philadelphia.

Join us LIVE on Behance:
00:00 Start
02:00 Introduction of RK
05:15 Project overview
08:15 How many designs does RK present to a client?
12:00 Choosing project colors
17:00 Using the Recolor Artwork feature
19:00 Creating a wordmark
21:10 Where does RK find fonts?
23:00 How did RK start her own design studio?
24:50 Tips for becoming a design studio owner
31:40 Object expand
34:50 RK’s greatest design strengths?
38:00 Where does RK find design education online?
41:00 The importance of moodboards
44:20 Designing a logo
48:20 Where does RK find inspiration?
51:25 What is RK’s favorite font?
53:00 Designing brand characters
01:00:50 What’s the best piece of advice RK has been given?
01:13:00 Advice for those looking to start their creative career
01:16:00 Blending shapes to create patterns
01:22:30 Tips for designing stickers
01:26:20 Overcoming internal and external career doubt
01:30:00 Creative roles within Simmer Studios
01:32:50 What makes RK “trust the process”?
01:35:00 Transforming Type
01:38:00 Staying up to date with design trends
01:40:15 What is Adobe Capture?
01:49:00 Where does RK find her mockups?
01:50:45 How long do RK’s projects usually last?
01:52:40 A recap of Day 1

Duration: 01:57:01