Creating Basic Lightsabers in Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Lightsaber Tutorials:

This is my own tutorial on how to create lightsabers using the program Adobe After Effects. It covers all of the basics of creating a lightsaber in Adobe After Effects. More extensive tricks will be covered in the future.

If you’re having problems with the color changing, visit this video for help:

If you want to know how to edit the blade when it goes behind an object, view this tutorial:

I originally learned from Ryan Weiber’s tutorial, and have since built on it and changed it around, until I have finally settled on a method which I believe yields the best results.

This tutorial covers the rotoscoping method, rounding the ends, and blurring to create a “light” effect.

I have recorded and uploaded this in full HD for the best possible tutorial; the only downside being is that when I recorded, when I played the clip it lagged, but otherwise, this tutorial is pretty simple to do, it just takes time.

However, I will note, this tutorial is not intended for those who know nothing about After Effects. You are recommended to have some prior knowledge on the basic functionality of the program, prior to attempting this tutorial. I don’t have the time to answer everyone’s questions when everyone is asking questions that are related to a lack of understanding of the program, rather than my tutorial. I am more than happy to answer questions people may have about this tutorial, but I simply cannot answer everyone’s questions about After Effects.

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