Creating an ANCIENT DISCOVERY! Photoshop Tutorial – GuideRunner EP1

Welcome to GuideRunner, a new monthly #tutorial where I aim to casually guide you through some of my processes and share the techniques I apply when creating a piece in #photoshop – in this week’s episode we’re making an ancient #ufo discovery deep in the mountains.

The aim of GuideRunner is not to handhold or provide step-by-step instructions, but instead, provide a simple and casual learning experience and most importantly, inspire you to create.

I’m more than open to hear your suggestions, discover what genres or techniques you’d like me to explore in this series. GuideRunner is still in its early stages but with your help, we can hopefully shape it into something useful.

Photoshop project settings: 3000px X 3750px @300DPI

Stock Images licensed from:
Adobe Stock:
Envato Elements:

Application used:
Adobe Photoshop:

Jeremy Fenske Brushes:

Jaime Jones Brushes:

Music licensed from:

Official PhaseRunner posters:

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Equipment used:
Macbook Pro (16-inch 2019)
Wacom Intuos Pro medium
Elgato Wave 3 Microphone

Other applications used:
Adobe After Effects 2020
Final Cut Pro X

Duration: 00:12:56