Creating a Whiteboard Effect With After Effects – Part 2

Hi Kathy here from Majmun Media.
This is part 2 of creating white board effect using after effects.
In part 1 of this tutorial I showed you how to animate your text in using the stroke effect. I have slightly changed the workflow for this tutorial. You will see that I have created a nested composition for the text and I have placed the stroke effect on the composition instead of the text layer.
The principals are exactly the same. I still have the mask over the text and I have set the stroke to reveal the original image and I have set it to animate in for 2 seconds. Now we want to add a hand with a pen to this animation. I have created a Photoshop file with the hand on an Alpha channel. So once you have imported the image, you then drag it into your composition.
Now we need to get the hand to follow the same path as our stroke. The first thing you need to do is adjust your anchor point so that it falls in the middle of your pen’s tip. You can either press A for Anchor point or you can use the dropdown menu. The reason for changing this is that we are going to use the mask over the text to adjust the position of the hand. Make sure that the anchor point is in the center of the tip of the pen so it will give the illusion of ink coming out of the tip.
Next we go to our text layer, go to your mask and click on the mask path. Make sure it is the mask path property that is selected and not the main mask because we only want to copy the values and not the actual mask. Now click control c if you use mac I think its command c to copy. Now back to the hand layer.
With the hand layer selected press P to isolate the position property. Select the position property and press control v or command v, and you will see a whole bunch of key frames appear. These key frames are automatically set to rove across time so you can adjust the length of your animation by moving the first or the last key frame and the rest fall into place proportionally. So now you need to line the start and end key frames of the position property up with the stroke key frames and viola you have a hand writing on a white board!
Thanks for watching!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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