Creating a Mobile App for Dog-Friendly Adventures with Cody Brown – 2 of 2

Tune in with designer Cody Brown as he creates a mobile app for dog-friendly hiking adventures called National Bark. Learn how Cody designs screens, links them together and tests his prototype in Adobe XD. Stick around for animation and design system protips!

Guest Cody Brown is a designer living and working in San Diego, CA:

Host Danielle Morimoto is a Design Manager for Creative Cloud at Adobe in San Francisco:

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00:00 Start
03:00 Intro and recap
20:00 Who are Cody’s favorite designers
27:20 Using overlays to design the “Puppy Cam”
37:00 Cody’s go-to plugins
42:00 Prototyping the Puppy Cam experience
47:00 Creating a custom icon
51:30 Previewing interactions on a mobile phone
54:00 Cody’s favorite AdobeMAX 2020 segments
01:52:00 Project recap

Duration: 01:57:51