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Welcome, Y’all Creative Rockstars!

3D graphics is taking the world of entertainment and visual design by storm. From AR/VR, 3D mock-ups, motion graphics, UX design, visual communication, animation to game design – creatives now have a huge arsenal of software and apps to create 3D visual arts and experiences.

From my years of teaching in renowned universities, I have the opportunity to work with students with astounding talents in the fine arts, illustration, fashion, photography, film, and graphic design. I recognized a challenge many creatives face: 3D design can be overwhelming for many creatives – the complex workflow from 3D navigation and modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, and post-image editing can take away our initial fuse of inspiration and creativity:

This is what inspired me to create this fun and practical project-based course – to inspire and work with creatives new to 3D design in creating visually appealing 3D graphics within a day. Welcome on board m/

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