Create Your Own Light Rays | Adobe Photoshop | Gradients | Tutorial for Beginners | Rajacharles

A Simple Technique to Create Breathtaking Light Rays in Photoshop! Using a special blur technique combined with powerful blend modes, learn how to make the light travel beautifully through an opening.

00:00 – Introduction
00:15 – Duplicate the layer
00:35 – Start learning how to create light rays in Photoshop by clicking on the New Adjustment Layer icon = Gradient Fill.
00:42 – Then, set the Gradient Type to Noise and this will result in an interesting radial pattern that mimics light rays.
00:54 – Change the Color Model to HSB and use the H, S, and B sliders to control the color of the noise
00:58 – Start by reducing the Saturation slider to its minimum value.
01:04 – If you don’t like the current pattern of the noise, click on the Randomize button to shift through different patterns until you end up that looks similar.
01:17 – Gradient Fill window, set the Style to Angle.
02:09 – Select Brush and erase the unwanted light rays.

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Duration: 00:05:31