Create water and waves in After Effects – Advanced Compositing Tutorial

Create realistic water, waves and ocean in After Effects with LaForge – Advanced Compositing Tutorial

Realistic 3D water and ocean surface in After Effects
How to film Miniatures!


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In this new tutorial by flomotion you will learn how to create realistic water and ocean within after effects, with the help of LaForge.
Learn how to set up a green screen miniature (LEGO Playmobile) ship to crate an epic “pirates of the caribbean” establishing shot.
I am going to show you how to film a miniature ship in front of a green-screen, best camera settings as well as handy tips and tricks.
Once in after effects, you will learn the process from keying, color grading and as the main part of this tutorial I will show you how you can use LaForge, to create realistic water inside of after effects, how to set it up and I will go over all parameters that make up this cool effect.
All of this will be in 3D, so we can also set up and track a 3D camera, as well as create depth of field and a depth pass for the scene.

This is an advanced compositing tutorial for adobe after effects

As a bonus we will also integrate some additional green screen footage from envato elements, such as a pirate flag, and animals.
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Duration: 00:12:04