Create Visual Loop Concepts in Motion Design | After Effects Tutorial

5000+ Templates: – Bend your brain with stylish optical illusions in After Effects. Optical illusions are a wonderful way to create stunning motion graphics work. Creating visual loop concepts like this one are not easy to do in After Effects, but we are here to show you the ropes. Have no fear, After Effects help is here!

In this tutorial, we will be teaching you how to create visual loop motion graphics concepts in After Effects. We will be discussing how to create your loop shape, how to add camera animations, how to work in an additional shape of your choice to add dimension, and throwing in some additional funky effects to make your workflow stand out.

Let’s get crazy in After Effects and create a visual loop. In this tutorial, use shapes layers and a few effects to put Motion Design to the test. You’re welcome to copy our example, but you can use and shape for your Motion Graphics here in After Effects.

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0:00 Intro – Smash that like button please!
0:36 – Concept 1 – Create Your Loop Shape
1:38 – Concept 2 – Camera Animation
3:38 – Download over 5000 templates!
4:06 – Concept 3 – Add any shape you want
5:41 – Concept 4 – Add some “Funk” effects.
6:51 – Free Templates, link in description

Duration: 00:07:10