Create Vibrant Gradients in Premiere Pro | Quick & Easy Tutorial

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Unleash your creativity with gradients! No Photoshop needed, and no imports required. In this snappy Premiere Pro tutorial, I’ll walk you through the simple steps to add a pop of color to your projects with either a radial or linear gradient background. Perfect for beginners and pros alike!

00:00 – Introduction to Gradient Backgrounds
00:18 – Starting with a New Adjustment Layer
00:35 – Placing the Adjustment Layer on Timeline
00:54 – Navigating the Essential Graphics Panel
01:12 – Adding & Transforming Shapes
01:36 – Ensuring Full Coverage with Shapes
01:54 – Centering Your Graphic Perfectly
02:10 – Applying the Ramp Effect for Gradients
02:28 – Customizing Colors for Your Gradient
02:45 – Experimenting with Radial Gradients
02:59 – Final Thoughts & Thank You!


How to create a gradient without external software
Adding and editing shapes in Premiere Pro
Navigating the Essential Graphics and Effects panels
Customizing gradient colors to suit your style


Premiere Pro Adjustment Layers
Essential Graphics Panel
Ramp Effect for gradients


Gradients can add depth and visual interest to your video projects.
Premiere Pro offers all the tools you need to create gradients directly in your timeline.
With a few clicks and adjustments, you can transform simple shapes into vibrant backgrounds.

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