Create Transparent Text with Photoshop Layer Effects | Transparent Text Effect | Photoshop Tutorial

Hey guys ! Learn how to add transparent text to an image using layer effects in Photoshop. In a previous video , I showed you how to create transparent text using Photoshop’s Blending Options. But layer effects can give you more interesting and creative results because there are so many effects to choose from!

The trick to creating transparent text with layer effects is knowing how to make the text itself transparent while keeping your layer effects visible. So once we’ve added our text to the image, I’ll show you how to hide the text without hiding your strokes, drop shadows, glows or any other effects you’ve applied.

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0:00 Intro
0:50 Adding the text
1:40 Resizing the text with Free Transform
2:11 Fixing the letter spacing
2:42 Making the text transparent
3:31 Adding a Drop Shadow effect
5:32 Adding a Stroke effect
6:22 Adding a Gradient Overlay effect
7:40 Accepting or editing your effects
8:09 Enhancing the effect with a Fill layer

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Duration: 00:01:48