Create Split Screen in Adobe Premiere Pro | Premiere 2021 Tutorial

This Video will clearly describe how to make Split screen Video in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2020). This technique also works with images in those programs.

Want to create a split screen effect without any plugins in Adobe Premiere Pro?
Whether you need to split your screen into two, three, four or sixteen, this is the tutorial for you. We will show you not only how to create a split screen, but how to add borders, animate, and troubleshoot your split screen projects.
When you create a split screen, you are just dividing the screen space so that multiple clips are viewable at the same time. Most split screens will require some level of cropping, and you can learn all about using this crop effect
6. Repeat these steps with each clip in the sequence. You may find you need to go back and adjust other clips so that everything fits the way you want.
In the effects panel, the size of any clip you add to your project is 100%. This means that the clip is taking up 100% of the screen. To create equally size clips, divide 100 by the number of clips you want to display. For example, if you designed a split screen with four identically sized clips, you can set the scale of each to 50%.

If you set the scale to 25%, you can fit 16 equal clips into your sequence. A more technical approach can be beneficial if you want to create a video wall. Nothing distracts the eye quicker than one or two screens in a video wall that aren’t the same size.

1. Stack the clips you want to use.

2. Adjust the scale of each by 50%.

3. Adjust the position of each clip, changing the view to help you line them up.

The simplest way to add a border is to leave a gap between your clips. However, this can get complicated when trying to align equally sized and spaced clips. To add borders between the differently sized areas, follow these steps:

1. Go to File -New – Legacy title, to open up the title editor.

2. Using the line tool draw lines along the clip boarders. Adjust the width and color of the borders until you are happy with the look.

3. Close the title editor and the border element will appear in the project browser. Drag and drop it to the timeline above the clips.

4. You can keyframe these elements using the methods above.

Basic Shortcuts Used in this Video

Sequence… Ctrl+N

Title Ctrl T

Import Ctrl Alt I

Cut Ctrl X

Ripple Delete Shift Delete

Speed/Duration Ctrl R

Selection Tool V

Track Select Tool A

Ripple Edit Tool B

Rolling Edit Tool N

Rate Stretch Tool R

Razor Tool C

Slip Tool Y

Slide Tool U

Pen Tool P

Hand Tool H

Zoom Tool Z

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