Create Smooth Seamless Backdrops in Photoshop [Fast & Easy]

Learn to create a wrinkle-free and seamless backdrop in Photoshop using two easy-to-follow and professional techniques!

You can either remove distracting elements, or you can recreate the entire backdrop from scratch. Use the technique that best suits your needs!

You will learn about masking, matching lighting and shadows, and applying cohesive color adjustments to create realistic and seamless backgrounds.

Watch this video to the very end, it is filled with Photoshop tips and tricks you don’t want to miss!

I hope this Photoshop tutorial helps you with your creative projects!

Thank you for watching!

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📘 INDEX – Create Flawless & Seamless Backdrops with Photoshop
00:00 – Introduction

00:12 – METHOD 1: Removing Distracting Elements
00:21 – Make a Selection Using the Lasso Tool
00:54 – Fill the Selection with Content-Aware Fill
01:31 – Method 1 Result

02:03 – METHOD 2: Recreating the Backdrop from Scratch
02:08 – Select the Backdrop Color Using the Eyedropper Tool
02:23 – Recreate Backdrop with Gradient Fill
04:41 – Select Your Subject Using Quick Selection Tool or Object Selection Tool
05:40 – Refine the Selection Using the Quick Mask Mode
07:38 – Select Shadows Using Load Luminosity and Invert Selection
08:10 – Create Color Fill Layer
08:29 – Make a Selection Using the Lasso Tool
09:17 – Adjust the Shadow with Curves Adjustment
09:30 – Refine the Shadow
11:00 – Layering Tips
11:43 – Finishing Touches Using Grain Effect as a Layer Style
13:35 – Advantages of Individual Layers

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