Create Seamless Product Backdrops with Shadows! – Photoshop Tutorial

Are you into product photography for e-commerce or branding? Here’s how to make the product backdrops seamless and construct realistic shadows with Photoshop! This lesson will take you through the entire process, right from masking and straightening up the product to adding advanced shadow elements.

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00:00 Introduction
01:04 Get 350+ Free Courses!
01:30 Straightening
03:48 Masking for Products
04:36 Oops!
05:13 Why Expansion is Important?
05:36 Don’t Forget Depth-of-Field!
08:54 Bring in the Shadows
11:46 Reconstructing the Missing Shadows
12:21 Adding Natural Shadow Elements
15:05 Summary

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Duration: 00:16:16