Create Rain Water Drops – Photoshop Tutorial

Hey Guys, In this episode we learn how to create realistic water drops in Adobe Photoshop cc. We are going to be using the Gradient Tool plus adding some cool effects too.

Create HD Rain Water Drops – Photoshop Tutorial

Drag and drop the image that you wish to impose water droplets onto into Adobe Photoshop, Double click on the background layer to convert it into a normal layer. Create a new layer on top and rename to water drops. Select the Elliptical Marquee Tool (right click on the normal Rectangular Marquee Tool) Create a circle roughly abot the size you want the water drop to be. Right click on the Paint Bucket tool to select the Gradient Tool. Make sure that you have the Gradient set to Linear Gradient in the top bar. (under layer) Select the Gradient Bar ( under image and layer at the top ) and select the black to white gradient, the third one across, press OK.

Zoom in to your selection by holding Alt & scrolling in with your mouse, left click and hold in the top left to the bottom right of your selection to create a gradient. Starting in opposite and adjacent corners will set the gradient to black where you start and white where you end. If you want to undo this selection then hold Ctrl, Alt & Z to undo.

Change the blend mode in the Layers Panel to Overlay, double click on the “water drops” layer to open up the Layer Style menu and select inner shadow, choose the following presets then feel free to change around from there to suit your own project.

Blend Mode – Linear Burn
Opacity – 40%
Un-check use global light
Angle -30 degrees
Distance – 2 PX
Choke – 0
Size 5 PX

Next select drop shadow and apply the same principles as above.

Blend Mode – Linear Burn
Opacity – 30%
Un-check use global light
Angle – 127 degrees
Distance – 10 PX
Choke – 0 PX
Size – 14 PX

If the black shadow is too prominent then use the Blend Mode color next to the Inner and Drop Shadow menus and change the Blend Mode Color to a color which closely resembles the desired background color of your water droplet. Use the eyedropper and click on the color you wish to use.

To add a stronger reflection ( depending on the light in the image ) create a new layer and rename to Highlight, press B on the keyboard to select the brush tool. In the Brushes Menu select a really soft edged circular brush, set the hardness to about 90% and turn the flow down to about 20-40% and the opacity to about 40-100%. Using a small brush (use the brackets under the plus and return key) Paint in your reflection.

In your right hand layers panel hold Ctrl & select the Highlight & Water Drops layers (not the background image) press Ctrl & G to create a new group. You can now duplicate the group to create a new water droplet by selecting “group 1” and pressing Ctrl & J. On the new group press Ctrl & T to transform, we are now going to warp the droplet with the following keyboard commands.

Ctrl + Alt + Left Click, Hold, Drag = Warps the Drop keeping the aspect ratio in tact ( use this to make the drop look like its is actually on top of the surface)

Shift + Alt + Left Click, Hold, Drag = To re size the Drop keeping the aspect ratio in tact.

To further warp the Water Drop to make it look like it is sliding down the surface or falling in some way then open filter in the to panel and select Liquify. Change the brush size { } to about the size of your water droplet and left click and drag to create a desired path.

You have now completed the Create a HD Water Drop Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop!

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