Create panoramic images from photos AND videos with Luminar Neo!

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Luminar Neo has a new Panorama Stitching Extension that is actually quite cool because it lets you create pano images from photos AND videos! Check out my in-depth walkthrough to learn all about it.

One thing that I forgot to include in this video is that the Panorama Stitching Extension is also capable of stitching HDR and multi-row panos from still images, provided that you have the necessary brackets.

Video Chapters:
00:00 – New Panorama Stitching Extension in Luminar Neo
00:48 – Beta software disclaimer
01:45 – How to install Extensions in Luminar Neo
02:47 – Reviewing the pano brackets
03:08 – Prepping the pano brackets
04:24 – Stitching images to create a panoramic photo
08:49 – Save 15% off Luminar Neo
09:25 – Stitching an action pano image from a static video
14:13 – Stitching an action pano image from a panning video
18:21 – Creating a pano image from a video
21:49 – Why I’m so impressed with Skylum and the Panorama Stitching Extension

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Duration: 00:23:11