Create Liquid Text Effect in Filmora 9 | Filmora Effects Bangla Tutorial 2021 ll #TanhaITHouse

Create Liquid Text Effect in Filmora 9 | Filmora Effects Bangla Tutorial 2021 ll কিভাবে Liquid Text ইফেক্ট তৈরি করা যায়, কেমনে Liquid Text ইফেক্ট তৈরি করা যায়ll
Create Liquid Text Effect in Filmora | Filmora Effects Learn how to create this liquid/melting/distorted text effect in Filmora 9 Tutorial 2020. For more Filmora Effects make sure to subscribe!

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Video Maker: Tanvir Ahmed
Voice: Tanvir Ahmed
Special Thanks: Zinat Rahman, Tushar Ahmed and Tanha Ahmed Tuba
Production: Tanha IT House

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