Create Facebook 3D photos using Photoshop, layered graphics, and a Depth Map

In this Facebook 3D Photo Tutorial, learn how to create 3D Photos for Facebook using layered images in photoshop, and the iPhone app: Depth Cam., By using Adobe Photoshop and the depth cam mobile app app, you can create portrait mode photos photos using graphics and layers, save them to your phone or iPhone photos app, and then upload them to Facebook as 3D Photos. When Facebook 3D photos are created using Adobe Photoshop and the Depth Cam iPhone App, Facebook can recognize and post them as 3D photos. This way you can create 3D photos even if you didn’t shoot them using Portrait mode on an iPhone, and quickly get them onto Facebook.

The steps for creating Facebook 3D photos using graphics with Adobe Photoshop are:
1) Create a layout in Adobe Photoshop at 1125 x 1500 pixels
2) Create a black / white / gray image that matches the composition
3) Save and move both photos to your iPhone
4) With the Depth Cam app, save both photos together as a Facebook 3D photo
5) Upload the new 3D Portrait photo to Facebook

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