Create cool 3D text effect for music album in Photoshop (Tutorial) – ps secret techniques

This is a very tricky technique, but I will make it as detailed as possible. You will learn how to use layer styles and wind effect to create this 3d text effect.

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These are the steps we will take in this tutorial:

1. Create our text using Avengers font
2. Create a copy of the text
3. Apply bevel and emboss, inner glow and gradient overlay to your second text
4. Create many copies of the text with layer styles and you will already have a 3d effect.
5. Now select all of these text layers with styles and convert them into one smart object
6. Convert to smart object the original text layer (the one without any layer styles). And then open layer styles and add overlay gradient.
7. Now create a gradient adjustment layer, rasterize it and convert to smart object
8. Go to filters – noise – add noise. Use add noise filter to create cool points on your gradient layer.
9. Now apply wind effect to that layer to distort the noise.
10. Place your image in Photoshop and put it as background (behind any other layers)
11. Set the blending mode of the gradient layer to divide.
12. Combine all text layers into one smart object and set its blending mode to subtract.

And here you go – a 3d text effect ready ! 🙂

Duration: 00:14:45