Create Any Icon Animation in After Effects #tutorial

Create Any Icon Animation in After Effects

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Icons like this one are best if they are vector graphics. So you can download free vector icons over at
Once you have your vector graphic, you’ll need to open it in Adobe Illustrator and place that icon in it’s own Illustrator document. Make sure to save as an illustrator file.
Moving to After Effects, import the icon as footage. Then place it in your project.
Now the real power of this workflow comes when you right click the vector layer, go to create, and click “Create Shapes from Vector Layer”.
This will create a shape layer with every path within the icon, so you can animate everything.
What, I’ll do is organization every path into a group, by adding new groups. Then we can animate the groups transform to animate in the object. Just keep in mind to move the anchor point where it needs to go.
And lastly, you can animate the original transform properties to animate the entire object.
Now you can animate icons in After Effects.

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