Create Animated Timer FAST | any font or size | Premiere Pro 2020

Learn how to create an animated timer in Premiere Pro 2020. Unlike other methods, this one is customizable: choose the font, size, color, duration – whatever you want.

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As a motion graphics template, this technique can also be used as more than just a timer, including counters, countdowns, count ups and loading progress bars.

If you find yourself using timers a lot, why not turn it into a MOGRT?

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:41 Sequence frame rate
00:01:07 Create start time graphic
00:01:45 Generate list of times
00:02:22 Animate timer
00:03:45 Mask the timer
00:04:20 Freeze each time
00:04:57 Change the font
00:05:27 Change the size

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Paul Murphy (The Premiere Pro)
Editor & Post Production Consultant

Duration: 00:06:13