Create and Retouch a Beautiful Poster in Photoshop – Video Tutorial Preview

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Learn to design a professional and beautiful poster! (and do it fast, efficient, and like a pro)

In this two-part tutorial, I’ll show you how you can take a regular model photograph, retouch that photograph to take it to a glamour-magazine level, make a super cool poster with it, and set it up for, and send it off to, print! No matter what level of Photoshop you know, these two videos are practically guaranteed to teach you something new, making you able to work in Photoshop more efficiently, save time and money on hiring a professional retoucher, and give you hassle-free interaction with your printers!

And even better! The techniques you’ll learn in these tutorials are easy to use in other projects as well! This tutorial was designed specifically to teach you how to teach you features and benefits that you can keep using on and on!

BUT I HAVE TO WARN YOU ! If you don’t like good, high quality tutorials, with awesome end results, then this isn’t for you 😉

This first part of the tutorial, we’ll be working with photo manipulation and retouching! Here are some highlights: First I’ll show you how to reattach a shoulder that was cut off from the photograph! We’ll work with masks, matching skin tones, skin tons, liquify, and more, to create a seamless integration. So in the future when you see a great photo you’d love to use, but a little part is cut off at the sides, you’ll know what to do! Man, that info could have saved me time when I was younger!

Then we’ll go into retouching the overall skin, body and lighting of the model, cleaning up the skin and making it super smooth, but WITHOUT making it look dull and fake! I’ll show you specific techniques that professional retouchers use on their photos, to create that perfect skin without making your model look like a plastic doll! I’m sure you’ve seen those pictures too… yeah, we don’t want that. Ew.

After I’ll show you how to specifically retouch the lips, eyes and hair, something usually gravely overlooked! But gain that little edge in the market, and focus on the details, and I’ll be sure to teach you some awesome tricks on how to make everything pop!

And then there’s all the additional little stuff you’ll learn, like how to remove piercings, color correction, masking, little tips given continuously throughout the tutorial, and not to mention that I’ll show you several ways to do most of these, so you can choose which method fits you the best!

I can virtually guarantee that no matter what, when you finish going through these two tutorials, you’ll have learned something new, no matter how advanced you are! And for the price, I think a personal training session with an established Photoshopper is pretty damn decent! So go ahead and buy!

So let’s have a look at a more detailed list of the features: Adding a cut-off missing shoulder from a different photo! (how cool is that?): Masking Matching skin tones and texture Matching skin texture Full-body retouching: Cleaning up the skin Skin smoothing while preserving detail Creating more beautiful lights and shadows Removing piercings Retouching lips: Adding shine Adding fullness Correction in Liquify Retouching the eyes: Making them stand out more Aligning the eyes Getting rid of camera artifacts in the eyes Retouching hair: Creating highlights Improving visibility Changing color Creating shine Overall image adjustments: Color correction Detailed masking of the body Detailed masking of the hair And additional small tips throughout the tutorial! Showing different ways to do the same thing, so you can choose the method that best fits you!

And that’s just the first part of this tutorial, a mere 50 minutes! Imagine what I put into the second one! In fact, stop imagining, and I’ll just give you a brief overview!

Here is a quick list of what you’ll learn in the second part of this tutorial series: Part Two: Mat painting Placing front image realistically Adding a realistic tattoo Adding diamonds to her face Working with typography Overall image adjustments like texture and color grading Getting it getting it ready for your printer And of course additional tips throughout the tutorial! So in just two tutorials, for just $14, you learn to work with 15 different areas, and a huge list of techniques! So start learning now!

Duration: 00:03:02