Create a Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets in Excel | Comprehensive Tutorial!

You can use a PivotTable in Microsoft Excel to combine data from multiple worksheets. In this video I’ll show you 2 methods you can use depending on your situation.
You might need to combine data from different sheets into one table and then create a pivot table based on the one table. In this case you’ll need to append the data. Don’t use formulas to append the data. Specially if your column headers are in a different order, this can get quite complex. Instead you can use Get & Transform (Power Query) from the “Data” tab in Excel. With Power Query you can append the data from different sheets (even from different files and sources) and create a single Pivot Table.

Sometimes you might need to combine the data from the different sheets by using a lookup function like VLOOKUP to get more information from another table into the table that you need to create a pivot table on. Don’t use VLOOKUP to add additional columns, instead use relationships from the “Data” tab. With relationships you automatically add your tables to the data model and you get to create a power pivot based on this. You don’t need to write a single formula.

Your results will be dynamic too. Once you get new data, all you have to do is “refresh” your pivottable and the new data is there!

These pivot table tips are going to help you analyze your data and get better and faster insights into your data.

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00:00 How to Create a PivotTable from Multiple Worksheets
01:28 Method 1: Append Data for Pivot Table
06:44 Method 2: Merge Data for Pivot Table
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