Create a glitch (distortion) effect in Premiere Pro |

More Glitch effects: – Offset the RGB channels in Adobe Premiere Pro and create an epic glitch effect. Download the preset from the tutorial to drag and drop the effect.

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. This week we’re taking a look inside Premiere Pro again and create a glitch effect. The glitch effect is something very popular that is usually created inside After Effect. Some third party plugins even allow many customization. But the glitch effect is actually no that hard to create, that’s why we’re letting Premiere Pro shine again.

Digital video is made out of 3 color channels; namely red, green and blue (RGB). To make the glitch effect work, we have to take these channels apart which we will learn from the tutorial.

Glitch effects can be used for various projects. Sometimes I would even apply them in after movies and edit the effect on a beat from the music. Other great uses are to use such a glitch as a transition. Just like using light leaks, it’s a different way of switching scenes. But be careful using such fancy effects. Even if they look ‘awesome’, doesn’t always mean we should use them everywhere.

Effects like this glitch is a pretty extreme thing and characterizes your edit. If it doesn’t fit the style and the content of you video, then don’t use it. But never be afraid of experimenting 🙂

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