Create a 3D Planet in Space / Illustrator Tutorial

Create a cool 3D Planet in Space in this Adobe Illustrator tutorial!

We’ll create all pieces step by step using gradients, simple shapes and even clip the rings around the planet with an opacity mask. Enjoy!

In this video we’re going to create a full vector universe scene with a planet, planet rings, a back drop with multiple colors, stars and other planets and a sun spot.

We’re going to use simple tools like the ellipse tool, rectangle tool and the pen tool. The coloring will be done with gradients, some as transparent gradients, some as solid gradients and we’ll also work with an opacity mask and opacity layer options to add highlights and shadows to the vector scene.

At the same time by adding a cut out effect via an outer glow to the background shapes, we can add depth and interest to the artwork.

This Illustrator tutorial is easy to follow and doesn’t need extensive Illustrator knowledge. In the end, you’ll be able to create many more cool looking vector planets, space art and much more.

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