Create 3D Egg Design In Adobe Illustrator CC | Knack Graphics

In this video, you will learn to create a 3D shape ( Egg ) with a design printed on its surface in Adobe Illustrator. Functions of 3D Revolve and Map Art commands are used to make this design.

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This playlist’s tutorials introduce you to the basics of Adobe Illustrator CC. These videos will make you learn the tools and commands, to begin with creating awesome art and graphic illustrations. Following chapters are covered in detail:
1. How to set up / Create New Document in Adobe Illustrator CC.
2. Learn Everything about Artboard Functions of Adobe Illustrator CC ( Three Classes )
3. Learn about 11 basic functions you need to know before you start Adobe Illustrator ( Eleven Classes ) – This chapter will cover the topics of How To use Interface, Know About Workspace, How to use Zoom Function, How to use the Pan function, Know about the concept of paths and anchor points, Learn basics about selection tool, Learn about Moving objects, Learn about Smartguides, Know the basics about Fill and Stroke Color, Learn about various Screen Modes, Learn about Navigator panel.
4. Learn everything about the Line Segment Tools ( Five Classes ) – Learn how to use the line segment tool, Arc tool, Spiral tool, Rectangular grid tool and polar grid tool.
5. Learn everything about Shape tools ( Five Classes ) – Learn how to use Rectangle tool, Rounded Rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, Polygon tool and star tool.
6. Learn how to use the pen tool ( Two Classes ).
7. Understand the concept of layers in Adobe Illustrator ( Two Classes )
8. Learn everything about the transform functions ( Six Classes ) – Learn how to use the transform functions of Moving, Rotating ( Rotate tool ), Reflecting ( Reflect Tool ), Scaling ( Scale Tool ) and Shearing (Shear Tool ).
9. Learn how to use the free transform tool.
10. Complete understanding about the concept of Stroke and Stroke Panel (Two Classes ).
11. Learn how to use the width tool.
12. Understand the concept of Align and distribute ( Align Panel ) (Three Classes )

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