Create 3D Blister Pack Object (.OBJ) in Photoshop for Adobe Dimension | Product Mock-up

Learn how to create a 3D blister pack from start to finish in this easy-to-follow video. We will construct the shapes and make them 3D in Adobe Photoshop and finish adding color and textures in Adobe Dimension.

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*Table of Contents*
0:00 Start with a good reference
0:25 Begin creating the clear capsule holders
2:29 Create the foil back
3:42 Merge 3D object layers
4:15 Group objects to scale and align them with respect to one another
5:04 Method 1 for drawing the box
6:20 Method 2 for a box with thickness
8:20 Export 3D layers as .OBJ
8:38 Clean up extra texture files saved upon export
8:52 Open the .OBJ in Dimension
9:40 Set up the scene presentation
9:50 Start adding materials/graphics/decals
12:40 Tip for applying your design to sides of the box/objects in general
13:10 Render results and scene, discussing updates after test rendering
Renders were generated as Medium Quality PNG files.

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Duration: 00:13:59