Crax Graphics Intro

Software Used:

–Cinema 4D R15 [in addition to GSG Light Kit Pro]
–Adobe After Effects CS6
–Magic Bullet Looks

Crax Team:

The CRAX Team deals with computer graphics, and is responsible for making the club looks good by designing posters, logos, illustrations and videos for the club’s events. The members of this team use different software like After effects, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Cinema 4D for 3D designs, and FL studio for audio and music.

Throughout the years, CRAX members have hosted workshops, presentations and discussions about the software being used in order to give a chance for the ones who are interested in computer graphics to get started in the field. [from]

Hey guys! this is Imad here with some new speedart, it’s kind of similar to the previous one,I hate doing the same thing twice but I kind of really like this low poly style, I hope you like it anyway.
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Final Wallpaper [Full HD] :

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Cinema 4D Awesome ChaoS Text effect Style Speed art HQ
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