Cozy Cabin Ambience | ASMR | For Sleep | Fireplace and Blizzard Sounds | Sleep Better

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Cozy Cabin Ambience | ASMR | For Sleep | Fireplace and Blizzard Sounds

You feel the cold outside well. After opening the wooden door of the house, you leave the blizzard outside. After shaking the snowflakes on your shoulders, the crackling sound of the fireplace brings you perfect peace. You make your coffee and put it on your table. The peaceful sounds inside make you very comfortable. After you have your coffee, you go across the fireplace and drink your hot coffee … Your eyes slowly close as you watch the snowstorm outside … Peaceful sounds inside make you relax …

The mountain cabin accommodates have a good sleep or read a book … Tonight you have it to yourself. You lean back and make yourself comfortable, feeling safe and secure.

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► Preparation of this Ambience:

Made by all Natural Recorders including scenario, Animation and Sound. This process takes days of preparation and work.
In the first stage, this ambiance is inspired by photography. It was painted with Adobe Photoshop and animated in Adobe After Effects, after the touches that add dimension to the photo.
The separately created landscape and fireplace image is added to the final display. Editing of the video was also done using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Software used:
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe After Effects
– Adobe Premiere Pro

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