Cozy Beach House Ambience | Oceans Waves | White Noise | Nature Therapy | Reduce Stress | Asmr

Cozy Beach House Ambience | Oceans Waves | White Noise | Nature Therapy | Reduce Stress | Soothing | Asmr

You’re in a seafront villa 10 miles from a seaside town. the sun is about to set and the sky shines like an orange, warming you inside. Immerse yourself in the noise of the waves hitting the shore. Prepare an herbal tea with care for yourself and the person you dream of having it with. Sit in your comfortable chair and watch the sun sink behind the waves as you feel the warm wind on your skin. The white noise from the ocean will distract you from stress, bring you sleep and help you go to bed peacefully. happy sleep.


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► Preparation of this Ambience:

Made by all Natural Recorders including scenario, Animation and Sound. This process takes days of preparation and work.
In the first stage, this ambiance is inspired by photography. It was painted with Adobe Photoshop and animated in Adobe After Effects, after the touches that add dimension to the photo.
The separately created landscape and fireplace image is added to the final display. Editing of the video was also done using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Software used:
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe After Effects
– Adobe Premiere Pro

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