Corvette Animation – KRON4

DESCRIPTION: This was the beginning of a 30 second spot for Alameda Chevy on KRON4.

PROGRAMS: After Effects, Photoshop, Trapcode Particular.

CONTRIBUTION: I performed all animation on this piece in After Effects. There was a request from the client to have a corvette revving up at the beginning of their commercial spot, but we did not have supporting video for it. As a solution I created a corvette revving entirely out of still photographs. The movement on the clutch, the Tachometer, and the car bellowing up smoke were all created in AE. I masked out individual photos to create animating parts. I animated the camera frantically to heighten the sense of action. The smoke was created with Trapcode Particular, and I designed it in such a way it would envelop the text.

I also edited the piece and cut the Sound Effects.

Duration: 6

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