Corrupt InDesign Fix – Jacques Dubuc Interview

Corrupt InDesign Fix – Jacques Dubuc Interview

Jacques’ large InDesign page layout, after a month of work, went corrupt. The .indd file crashed one day and never opened again. He tried to fix with Adobe, even with their support team, but nothing worked. Luckily, they also found Markzware.

Markzware OmniMarkz was able to open and recover their multi-page catalog! We sent Jacques a preview and eventually the entirely fixed InDesign layout, all within a couple of hours, saving them days and days of time and thus money, not to mention aggravation! You can download OmniMarkz here:
More info on the DTP File, InDesign Recovery Service is here:

I also mentioned FlightCheck 2022, the beta. You can get that here:

Jacques DUBUC is Irresponsable artistique & infographie or in English he is responsible for artwork and infographics at Verdie Voyages in Rodez -FRANCE and you can view their exotic travel website on
Below is a transcript of the interview with Jacques on the full corrupt InDesign story, with some good tips for InDesigners out there using Indy day in and day out!

David Dilling 0:01
Hi everybody David Dilling here from Markzware where today we have a customer on the zoom here. Jacques DUBOC of Verdie Voyages in France. Jacques was “unfortunately” a customer of Markzware with a bad or corrupt InDesign file. The good thing is, we fixed it! But Jacques maybe first an introduction, who you are and what you do.

Jacques DUBUC 0:17
So I’m a graphic designer. With a travel company called Verdie Voyages in France. We are making exotic trips around the world and so we have a website and we do a lot of printed materials, a lot of brochures, which we do in Adobe InDesign. Of course. And about two weeks ago we had just finished one of four brochures and the morning, just open my InDesign file do a PDF for the manager so that we will check the introduction to be sure everything is ok. And then InDesign crashed, nothing to worry. So I just re-startInDesign. Okay, it says my InDesign file is damaged, nothing to worry, it happens. So I click OK. On the morning I’ve done an upgrade of InDesign CreativeCloud on the new MacBook, not nothing worked and then it says oh we are about to treat your InDesign page layout file on our servers, Click Ok. Ok. And then it says oops, we cannot repair it. You will have to redo the project!

David Dilling 2:03
Was it also on a Monday morning?

Jacques DUBUC 2:05
On the Monday morning? Exactly! So what did I do? I just down-graded InDesign 2022. To my last version. We done the process. Exact same thing to open a chat with the technical services people of Adobe and just says the same just downgrade try again and nothing happens. So they tell they told me to put my InDesign document my damaged design file on CreativeCloud and on the cloud when I don’t and they said oh we will check it we will have a fast answer about 24 hours to check the file. So I was afraid that they didn’t check because Adobe, I think has millions of customers. I don’t think our job will be the priority. So I began to search other solutions. So I’ve looked into the web about solutions for fixing the major corrupted InDesign problems and I was browsing different industry forums for InDesign, like Reddit and Adobe’s own forums. Mostly every person say the same things we can check but nothing. And then I saw a post of a guy who said Oh stop it. If you have this kind of problem you can check Markzware ! He saved my life! I remember your company because in the past I was working with QuarkXPress. You already published plugins to Convert InDesign to Quark back then and now Quark to InDeisgn.

Markzware does a lot of plugins so I just came to your website so that I can send my damaged file (dead InDesign file!). So we pay the small in-take fee so you can check the file. And we wait then about I don’t know maybe about an hour an now you send me a preview PDF file of my damaged file, fixed and the last step is to pay the Fixed File fee, which I did.

David Dilling 5:19
99 euros a year. Yeah.

Jacques DUBUC 5:33
And so we do that and then you give me my IDML (InDesign Markup Language file) and you saved me about, I don’t know, maybe one month of time!


Adobe even gave them one month of free CreativeCloud as re-payment for the costs of the Markzware service to fix the file. That was good of Adobe, but they can better help customers and get them to Markzware right away! Our recovery rate on damaged or corrupt, un-opening InDesign files is very high, as in above 80% recovery rate!

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Corrupt InDesign Fix, via Markzware as Jacques DUBUC a graphic designer explains!

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