CorelDraw – How To Make a Background Light Effects In Corel Draw

Learn how to create a beautiful background light effect in CorelDraw.

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Even if you are a beginner you’ll manage to recreate this very easy. We will start to create some simple lines with the 2-point line tool and with the help of the media brush tool will add some height to the line.In the next step in this tutorial we will create some stars. Stars are easy to create in corel draw. We only need to use the polygon tool for this and drag from 1 point. You will se in the video how easy is.Nex we will create some circles in corel draw and we will use the gradient tool selecting the function elictipal fountain fill.The middle color needs to be white and and the second color needs to be black we will give a transparency for the circles with the effect color doge.Next in the video tutorial we will go back to the lines and stars and we will make them color with transparency overlay.We finalize the first step on the design. Now we need to create a colorful dark background design , for this we will use the mesh tool. Watching the online video you will understand better that this tips and tricks can help you create beautiful backgrounds.We will use the rotation tool in this design to duplicate and rotate the lines created.This will automatically create a shape of a flower.For the finale touch we will create some shapes to add some cool light shadows on the top and bottom of the design.
Lerning from corel draw training you will be able to create a cool designs, maybe the best corel draw training on the youtube. This si how you can create corel draw background design effects
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With the help of youtube many designer can learn for free so don’t be rude if you did’n like the tutorial because like youtube i’m offering this training for free.Just start learning for free and become a great designer in Corel Draw.
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