Cool Photoshop Text Effects Tutorial

Today we will learn how to create cool text effects in Photoshop CS6. For more tutorials check out Photoshop tut
Start by opening the image that you want to edit. Then make a new layer. Fill in that layer using the paint bucket with white paint. Then change your color to black and grab the text tool. Write the word Photoshop. The click on the brush tool and go to the top of the tool bar and click edit, create new brush preset. Name the brush preset then delete the Photoshop layer. To make more brush presets just duplicate the same process. This makes a cool text effects in photoshop.
Now in the layers box delete the white later and the text later. Create a new later and fill it in with black. Then create two extra layers. Select the two layers and group them together. Select on of the grouped layers then select the paint brush tool.
Make sure you set the presets of the brush tool to the ones shown in the video. Pain the picture with as much fill as needed. Select the image layer then right click and click create clipping mask.
Click on the layer that you painted the text on and fill in the layers needed. Click on the other later and choose another brush tool. Make sure the face of the subject is highlighted and stands out.
Now choose gradient map, click the gradient box and choose the orange and purple preset. Then change the opacity

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Duration: 00:09:14