Conveying Movement to Your Illustrations with Anna Daviscourt – 2 of 2

Join illustrator Anna Daviscourt on Adobe Live as she shows you how to convey motion in a still illustration using secondary action and shape design. On day one, watch Anna sketch in the details and rough out the painting using Photoshop. On day two, join in by suggesting fun details in the live chat as Anna finishes the painting.

Guest Anna Daviscourt is a children’s book author and illustrator based in Portland, OR.

Host James Daviscourt is a character artist and concept designer in the Portland, OR:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:10 Recap of Anna’s work and the work from Day 1
08:02 Using references for detail and riffing off of references
10:13 Setting the brush to clear mode using the tilde hotkey
11:53 Discussing processes and stages during an illustration
19:52 Working on varying shapes
24:15 Cleaning up and adding a bag to the character
26:35 Making adjustments to bag placement
39:52 Spacing and paper shape variety to build motion
47:07 Importance of a graphic tablet for illustration
51:40 Adding detail to the hair – and other details
54:33 Anna’s favorite brushes
56:04 Implying light with quick brush strokes
1:00:43 Discussing tangents and how to fix them
1:02:40 Using a hue adjustment to try various colors
1:06:20 Adding patterns to the rug – floor lighting decisions
1:10:25 Adding tassels to the floor rug
1:13:15 Taking care of your health while working
1:16:32 Monkey Paws – hand stretches
1:20:36 Swooshes and drop shadows – using blend modes
1:23:45 Bounced light and environmental light
1:26:47 Adding more color option to the foreground characters
1:31:17 Artist Spotlight of Twosenseless
1:39:44 Back to work on the illustration – cleaning up shapes
1:42:28 Discussing Anna’s book Elee & Me
1:53:24 Dream transportation discussion

Duration: 01:57:35