Convert Image to Vector & Vector Art (FREE Action) – Photoshop Tutorial

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Are you looking to create vector in photoshop? Today you will get a FREE vector photoshop action, it can vectorize image in photoshop with a simple few clicks. I had made several photoshop tutorials on how to make vector in photoshop, and this one by far is the best “convert to vector” photoshop tutorial I made so far!
Are you looking to vectorize your logo in photoshop? You can vectorize any logo using this free action too! Also, you can convert your photo to vector art, this is not a “how to make vector art in photoshop”, it is just a few clicks and you will get your vector art done!
You can export all previous outputs to illustrator as EPS or as a vector image in SVG format.
this action can be considered as the image trace photoshop tool, as it traces images smoothly with very few clicks.
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0:00 Convert Image to Vector Intro
0:30 Import the Vector Photoshop Action
1:15 Convert Logo to Vector
2:22 Convert Photo to Vector
4:42 Sponsor
5:41 Example 2 | Full Image to Vector
6:58 Photo to Vector Art
8:09 Outro

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Duration: 00:08:19