Content Generating Plugins – Adobe XD Tutorial

Hello everyone, follow this tutorial to find out the best content-generating plugins in Adobe XD. This will definitely help with your workflow in the UI design process.

The project file to follow this tutorial along is provided in the link:

Jump into a plugin of your choice from these timestamps
00:00 What’s in this tutorial
00:28 Intro
00:33 Project files
00:40 Repetor plugin
02:40 UI Faces
03:42 This Person Does Not Exist
04:20 Photosplash 2
05:34 Design Hunt
06:32 Content Generator
07:43 Personas

If you find any of the discussed sessions difficult to follow or not working as expected, comment below and I am happy to help. If you find this video helpful, kindly subscribe and share it with your friends.

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Duration: 00:08:48