Conceptualizing a Brand’s Identity with Cory Hall – 1 of 2

Join Graphic Designer Cory Hall on Adobe Live as he creates a brand identity for an organization that supports the LGBTQ community. Learn how to create brand guidelines starting from research and mood boards in Adobe XD. Then, Cory will show you how he concepts the brand’s image. From designing a logo to creating social media ads using Illustrator, Cory will show you his full process. Stick around for day two, where he’ll show you how he creates client mock-ups using Photoshop.

Guest Cory Hall is a graphic designer and digital strategist based in Palo Alto, CA:

Host Julia Masalska is a freelance graphic designer based in Colorado:
Join us on Behance:

00:00 Start
02:50 In depth introduction of Cory
06:50 Find Cory on the web
10:30 “Q Club” project overview
24:00 Work begins in Illustrator
28:30 Editing a typeface to create a custom wordmark
34:50 Advice for new designers starting their portfolios
36:00 Discussing the use of fonts in design
43:00 How to install/activate fonts on Mac and Windows
50:00 Cory and Julia talk about their design journey and experience
54:30 Discussing experience VS education
01:05:00 Connecting visually and communicating well with your client
01:21:30 where does Cory find his inspiration
01:25:50 Creating color palettes in Adobe Color
01:27:40 What is Adobe Capture?
01:28:30 What are CC Libraries?
01:30:00 What is Adobe Dimension?
01:32:00 Useful shortcut combos for working with text in Illustrator
01:33:00 How to use the Touch Type Tool feature
01:40:00 Quickly collecting HEX codes
01:43:00 how to use the Blend Tools to create objects

Duration: 01:57:25