Computer Window Graphic

This is an animated computer window graphic that I made while interning at Threshold Animation Studios. It was later modified and that version was used for the Justice League: Alien Invasion 3D ride and as such, the copyright of course goes to Warner Bros. and DC, all rights reserved.

It’s function was to serve as a background for a cross-section of a Starro (DC-created alien race that looks like a sea star from space that latches itself onto peoples’ faces and takes over their minds), in a segment where Batman talks directly to the audience. The Starro and the text that was to accompany it, is not pictured.

It was made by drawing/painting the original screen in Adobe Photoshop and then importing it into After Effects and adding the glows and animation to it in there. The Starro, not pictured, had been made in Maya.

Duration: 16

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